Fully Reconditioned Detroit Diesel Series 92 Engine

Remanufactured to OEM specifications, Prior Power Solutions has a Detroit Diesel Series 92 Engine for sale.

Out of production since 1999, this engine is no longer available in a new format. We offer this unique opportunity to extend the life of your machine offering this engine on a service exchange or outright sale basis.

This two cycle 92 series engine (6V-92TA) has a proven track record in many applications, operating in the world’s harshest environments. It is exceptionally durable with a classic design and iconic components such as the bypass blower, unit fuel injectors and cross head pistons.

This particular model and specification has historically been the heart of appliances and applications such as liquid nitrogen converters for the petroleum market. With twice as many power strokes per engine revolution, a Detroit Diesel two-stroke engine produces more power than a four-stroke diesel of the same displacement, operating on the same fuel.

As a specialist in Detroit Diesel engines since 1980, Prior Power Solutions offers unparalleled experience in the complete refurbishment of such time-honoured engines.

Please refer to this datasheet for general specifications, standard equipment, optional equipment (which can be supplied or mounted) and performance curve.

General arrangement 2SA784 and complete engine technical specification datasheet available upon further request.

For all enquiries, please contact Matt Dack, Business Development Manager T: 01493 441383 E: matt.dack@priorpower.com