Prior Power Solutions works with Engine Envy to repair mobile screener unit

Prior Power Solutions is working with Engine Envy Mechanical Engineers to undertake CAT engine repair to mobile screener.

Arriving at our Great Yarmouth base Monday evening,  mechanical engineers from both companies are overhauling the CAT C4.4 engine in this impressive Terex Finlay mobile screener unit and have already overcome the challenge of extracting the engine from the colossal machine using Prior Power Solutions’ 16 tonne forklift.

Used in the construction industry for supporting crushing operations, this screener plays a vital role in separating and sorting through a range of aggregate products by way of different sized screens act as sieves, allowing the various sized materials to be separated and discharged via numerous elevators.

Unfortunately the CAT C4.4 engine has taken a turn for the worse with internal parts failure causing the crank case to pressurise and oil to leak out of the engine breather. Engineers will undertake CAT engine repair to mobile screener.

The Terex Finlay mobile screener unit is expected to be worked on for the next few weeks at Prior Power Solutions’ base in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

This joint project marks the first formal working with Engine Envy Mechanical Engineers with more exciting news to follow.

Engine Envy Mechanical Engineers is a small, family run business with a strong machinery background which has enabled the development of a wide range of skills and knowledge. The company provides a wide range of mechanical services including basic servicing, maintenance, machinery diagnostics, repair work and overhauls on a range of agricultural machines, plant machines and vehicles – all to the highest of standards.