Prior Power Solutions’ latest design significantly brings down cost for new nitrogen pump

A new single engine nitrogen pump with a split skid design for a nitrogen unit, offering lower capital and operational costs has been designed and built by Prior Power Solutions.

The 360K transportable skid mounted LN2 unit, commissioned by and built for OHS, utilising Prior Power Solutions’ single engine solution, provides cleaner and lower engine emissions combined with lower running and maintenance costs.

Working closely with OHS throughout the project, the unit was manufactured to meet the requirements of DNV 2.7-1 and is classified for use in Zone II Hazardous Areas.  In addition, the unit is CE marked for offshore use.

Widely recognised as a world-leading manufacturer of nitrogen pumps, Prior Power Solutions has manufactured such well service equipment from its base in Great Yarmouth for 23 years.

Nitrogen units, also known as LN2 pumps, are used to suppress various gases, liquids or other dangerous elements.

Using engine power and recovered engine heat, these units vaporise and pump liquid nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen tank utilising a centrifugal boost pump to a high pressure LN2 triplex pump. High-pressure liquid nitrogen then passes through a bespoke vaporisation system to convert the high-pressure liquid to high-pressure gaseous nitrogen.

Mark Cox, Engineering Manager for Prior Power Solutions says: “Nitrogen pumps typically work on the inefficiency of traditional engines producing heat as a by-product.  The challenge with cleaner emission-compliant engines was to achieve the same result.”

This brand new 360K single engine nitrogen pump on a split skid has been designed to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -20oC to 40oC. Soundproofed and featuring a Triplex twin-pump, the unit is capable of pumping a maximum output flow of 6,000 SCFM at 5,000 PSI with a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI.

Mr Cox continues: “The nitrogen pump was designed as a split skid to reduce lifting weight for transportation.

“After rigorous successful testing at our site, the unit was delivered to the client on time and is already operating in the field.

“This is our cleanest 360K split skid unit, which not only offers ease of operation, but also employing a single engine, brings the overall cost of the unit down.”

Sebastien Vallet, Business Director at OHS – a world leader in the in the international rental of oilfield and liquid gas equipment says,

“This journey with Prior Power Solutions, conceiving and building this 360K pump has been really exciting considering the new opportunities this pump will bring to the oil and gas market and the new services which could be achieved.”