Prior Diesel Fuel Polishing Service – Diesel Bug Crisis

Prior Diesels’ fuel polishing experts have been out on the river this week attending a fuel contamination crisis on board a marine leisure vessel.

Our client had been carrying out his 250 hour engine service and found his fuel filters were severely contaminated with “Diesel Bug”. “Diesel Bug” is usually a result of excessive water within the fuel system, allowing micro-organisms to feed and build colonies, resulting in a thick sludge. If the contaminated items are left unattended this can cause serious fuel damage.

Our fuel experts attended the site and carried out fuel analysis using our highly sophisticated sampling unit, which allows us to read fuel contamination ISO levels as well as water content in PPM.

The standard for Diesel fuel in the UK is 18/16/13 and a max 200ppm water. Upon testing the vessel was found to have fuel levels exceeding 400ppm water and an ISO reading of 25/23/20.

Once the contamination types were confirmed, our fuel polishing expert set up our custom fuel polishing system to eliminate the problem in the most efficient way, using up to 1 micron high efficiency filter bags and water removal filters.

During polishing our sampling unit was constantly monitoring the tank for changes. Upon completion the fuel levels were recorded at 18/14/10 with 186ppm water, which far exceeds the ISO standard.

If you would like to know more about fuel polishing, give our service department a call on 01493 441383.