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Air Starter Motors

Prior Power Solutions supplies air starter motors.

An air-start system is a power source used to provide the initial rotation to start large diesel and gas turbine engines which have very high compression ratios, meaning electric starters with sufficient power to start the engine would be impractically large. Additionally, air start systems offer benefits compared with other starting options including total reliability in extreme conditions and temperatures and safe working around in or around hazardous fumes.

We supply a high-quality range of air and gas operated starter motors and replacement parts and are authorised distributor for A/M Air Starter Sales and Service in the UK. Through this, we supply new starter motors, replacement parts, tune-up kits, drives and accessories for Ingersoll Rand®, Startmaster®, TDI®, Pow R Quik®, Solar®, Aire-Myte®, Wahlberg® and Cat® for the oil and gas, marine, mining and transportation industries.

We also supply genuine Austart® and Pow R Quik® starter motors and replacement parts.

Pow R Quik manufactures heavy-duty engine starting systems including hydraulic starters and pneumatic starters. They are designed and manufactured for heavy duty operation in the most challenging work environments in the world. All Pow R Quik air starters are gas sealed ready to be used with natural gas, nitrogen, etc.

Machinery must be safe and reliable and by investing in Austart®, you can be assured that your air starters are safe to use in zoned hazardous areas. Austart® products are ATEX compliant and certified and feature patented designs incorporating the fewest moving parts and “friction-free” attributes – eliminating the need for lubrication whilst providing longevity, reliability and extended service intervals.

New starter motors, replacement parts, accessories and old starter motor overhauls can all be undertaken at competitive prices.

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